Imran Khan’s Call For Freedom Movement

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Gather In Islamabad When I…: Imran Khan’s Call For ‘Freedom Movement’
Imran Khan: No Prime Minister has ever seen out a full term in Pakistan since its inception.

Islamabad: Pakistan’s ousted prime minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that he wanted two million people to gather in Islamabad when he gives the call to his supporters on a yet unspecified date to force the government to announce fresh elections.

Imran Khan reiterated his accusation that his government was toppled as result of a “conspiracy” by the US that resulted in the success of the no-trust vote against him in the parliament.

“When you go to the people, you have to tell them that an imported government has been brought through a conspiracy (…) this means that the United States will control us through these stooges and boot polishers,” he said.

The cricketer-turned-politician has repeatedly alleged that his political opponents colluded with the US to bring about regime in Pakistan. But he provided no credible evidence of this and Washington has strongly denied any foreign interference.

“The conspiracy was carried out because your prime minister said he wanted a foreign policy that would only look at the interests of his people.

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