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Imran Khan Ke Qatal Ki Sazish News | Imran Khan Sialkot Jalsa
“I’ve recorded a video and kept it, if anything happens to my life … “, Imran Khan
Ousted prime minister Imran Khan claimed on Saturday that a “conspiracy” to assassinate him was being hatched in Pakistan and abroad, warning that if anything happens to him, the people will come to know about the perpetrators through a video message he has recently recorded and placed in a safe place.

Speaking at a big rally at Sialkot in Punjab province, Khan said he came to know about the conspiracy a few days ago and has named all those involved in it in the recorded video.

“A conspiracy is afoot to take my life. I got full knowledge of this conspiracy a few days ago. The conspiracy is being hatched here and abroad against me in closed rooms. I have recorded a video about this conspiracy, naming all those involved in it. If something happens to me then the people will come to know who were behind this conspiracy,” Khan said at a big rally The chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said he had placed the recorded video in a safe place. Earlier, he had said the names of all those involved in ousting his government were written on his hea

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