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Bangladesh   (Dhaka , Gulshan-2)
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Category : Architecture

Language : English, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Korean, Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi

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Scope of Work : Trading Company

Registered On : 2013-09-04 10:12:24

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Mrs. Kariah Akter

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Bangladesh   (Dhaka , Gulshan-2 )

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Street : 15 HK Street
Country : United Kingdom (London)


mama shrimp instant noodles shrimp "tom yum kung"
tom yum shrimp mama noodles is the most popular flavor of the many types of mama brand oriental-style instant noodles. packaged in a silver foil, this flavor is based on delicious tom yum soup, a type of thai soup with a sour and spicy taste. mama tom yum is flavored with exotic kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, chili paste and artificial shrimp flavor
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INR 1500 Per Carton
Delivery Terms : 15 Day
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    110000 Carton/Year
  • Shipping Point

    ( Dhaka )
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Name of Product :Mama Egg Instant Noodles
Buying Offer ID : 5
Offer remain valid until : 2015-12-29 06:00:00
Expected Quantity : 800 Per Carton
Packaging : 20000 Piece / Day in Bag , Box and Cup 50b x 375g 50b x 400g 50b x 454g
Method of Payment : T/T,Western Union,Money Gram,Other
Product Specifications : product type: noodles style: instant packaging: bag certification: UK best shelf life: 15 months Low-carbohydrates, Low- calories.
Shipping Terms : CNF
Brand Name : Poi Pei
Model/Article Number : ISA-2004
Manufacturers : Instant-Food
Place of Origin : Korea
Colour : White or Cream
Materials/Ingredients : Wheat Flour 68.58%, Modified tapioca starch, Palm oil, Salt, Sugar, Acidity regulators, Thickener,Soy sauce .

noodles are ubiquitous to thai fast food and the mama brand of instant noodles are integral to the thai noodle scene. in fact mama brand is so popular in thailand that the brand name is often used on menus in thailand, for dishes such as yam mama (noodle salad) or pad mama (fried mama noodles). mama even has its own facebook fan page!
because instant noodles are especially economical, appealing to college students and artists, the maker of mama, came up with its own economic index, the mama noodles index which accurately forecasted a weakening of the economy in 2005.
to prepare, simply pour 1 cup of hot boiling water over the dry noodles and condiments. cover the bowl and let stand for 3 minutes before serving.
mama noodles are made by the thai president foods plc company, which was established in 1972 and is the largest producer of instant noodles and ramen in thailand.

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Hand Made

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