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Bangladesh   (Dhaka , Gulshan-2)
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Category : Architecture

Language : English, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Korean, Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi

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Scope of Work : Trading Company

Registered On : 2013-09-04 10:12:24

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Mrs. Kariah Akter

(Seller & Buyer)

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Bangladesh   (Dhaka , Gulshan-2 )

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Street : 15 HK Street
Country : United Kingdom (London)

Women Hand Bag

Handbags Material: 600*300D/PVC Size: 33x11x32cm samples lead time :3-5 days We are a professional bags manufacturer and exporter for more than 10 years , which including backpacks, travel bags, school bags, briefcase, cooler bags, waist bags, shopping bags, ladies handbags, cosmetic bags, etc . We specially in making and developing backpacks , travel bags.
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AUD 3500(3200) Per Bag
Supply Capacity : 440000 Bag Per Month
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Name of Product :Women Hand Bag
Buying Offer ID : 32
Valid Until : 2016-06-15 12:00:00
Expected Quantity : 45 Bag
Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 Bag
Packaging : Plastic Bag or Carton
Product Specifications : Pure Leather, Durable , Soft, Easy to carry
Product Description
We are a bag factory that established in 1989 , and can produce all kinds of bags, these years we do business mainly through the export companies, but from this year we are trying to do business with worldwide customers by our own factory, by this way we can provide you the lowest price we can offer . If you are a new customer, first time you can order some samples to check the quality, so there is no minimum order request first time for new customer! You can see more pictures of our products on our website www.womenhandbags.com and You can send E-mail by this site women@handbag.com. Plz feel free to contact us , thanks!

Manufacturers By : Aus-Leather
Price : Negotiable
Colour : Differents
Materials : Leather and Plastic
Shipment : 100, 000Pcs/month
Shipping Terms : CIF
Type or Status : New

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Shipment : T.T,L.C,Western Union,Money Gram,PayPal,Other
Terms and Policy : *30days warranty from the purchased date. Please contact us before returning the defective item. *We will offer replacement, reshipment, or refunds to make sure you are 100% happy if you have received a defective or wrong item .item is damaged during transit or defective item is not as described *Return items should include the original packaging and all accessories. *Please contact us if there is any problem with the product. We are here to help & resolve any issues.
Contract period : 7 Days
Warranty : 5 Months
Guarantee : 3 Years
Women Hand Bag
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Year%2BEstablished%253A%2509 2002
Number%2Bof%2BEmployees%253A%2509 100%252B
Website%253A http%253A%252F%252Fwww.womenhandbags.com
Business%2BType%253A Class-2
Main%2BMarkets%253A Worldwide