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Mr. Jamil Uddin

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Bangladesh   (Uttara , Uttara )

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Street : Uttara
Country : Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Property Management Services

If you are the owner of a piece of real estate and you are not currently using it for your own needs, you may consider using it as a rental. Many people are making a lot of money simply because they are willing to rent either a basement apartment, an extra home, or even a duplex to perfect strangers.
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ETB 2000(1800) Per Square Foot
Supply Capacity : 1000 Square Foot Per Week
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    South Carolina


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Name of Product :Property Management Services
Buying Offer ID : 23
Valid Until : 2016-11-12 06:00:00
Expected Quantity : 1500 Square Foot
Minimum Order Quantity : 50 Square Foot
Packaging : Wooden part wrapped by plastic wrapping paper,inner packed with poly bag, outer packed with five -layer standard cartons.
Product Specifications : 1.Tenant and Occupancy It is important to understand tenants needs for this portion of the job. 2.Marketing and Financial The company and manager will be responsible for handling all of the budgeting and operating expenses. 3.Administration and
Product Description
If you think about it, you can buy the property for a very reasonable price. You can find a tenant to live there and charge double the mortgage payment, depending on how affordable the mortgage is. Before you know it, you will have more money than you will know what to do with. Maybe you arent very excited about dealing with the public. After all, people are very kind when they dont have enough money to pay their rent. If this isnt something that you want to deal with, you can always hire a Property Management Glendora Ca professional to help you. If you have a property manager, you are going to have to worry about collecting the rent each month. You also wont have to worry about whether or not your tenant is keeping up to the things they have agreed to in their lease. For example, if the lease says no pets allowed and the tenant has a pet, the property management will be the one to deal with it rather than you. Being a landlord can be very stressful at times. Its hard to deal with the public simply because everyone feels entitled to something. You have to have a certain type of personality to deal with these people. If you dont have a strong personality, turn the job over to someone else.

HS CODE : 00185235
Manufacturers By : Property
Price : Negotiable
Colour : Any
Materials : Space, Documents, Agent, Bank Solvency
Shipment : 5 Projects/Month
Shipping Terms : Others
Type or Status : Refurbished,In Stock

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Shipment : T.T,L.C,D.A,Western Union,PayPal,Other
Terms and Policy : We provide 1 month replacement and 12 months maintenance warranties. Items can be replaced during the first month or maintained for the first year. Buyers are only responsible for the return shipping fees for warranty items.(In most cases, buyer will only have to return the problem components rather than the entire package.). Before returning items, please make sure you get our (the sellers) return address, and write gift on the delivery detail sheet. Please use regular postal service and send us the tracking number. As soon as we receive the items, we will repair or exchange them ASAP.
Contract period : Seven Months
Warranty : Two Years
Guarantee : Twelve Years
Property Management Services
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Origin%253A Columbia
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Starting%2BDate%253A 01%2BDec%252C%2B1997.
Business%2BType%253A Property%2BManagement
Main%2BMarket%253A Local
Contact%2BNumber%253A 78-941250.6